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Top 3 Digital Signage Trends That Will Dominate 2020

By Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Keeping up with the pace, each organization should know the new trends in digital signage and electronic display communication to stay ahead of the curve and to remain a challenge in the digital signage market.

FREMONT, CA: The future of digital signage is continually evolving. The enterprises want a new, exciting way to display and control the content, and technology is adapting to meet this requirement. It is very hard to meet this evolving technology. As a helping hand to know the trends in the digital signage platform, Here are 3 trends that may shape the future of digital signage. It has become an essential part for the IT directors and the tech managers to get knowledge about digital signage.


Restaurants have been some of the biggest adopters of interactive signage. From the touch screen kiosks to tabletop ordering with built-in gaming, to complete games rooms, customers seem to have accepted the interactive digital signage. This technology is not limited to the restaurant dining table. The direct advertising and retail sectors are also embracing it. With more and more businesses moving forward to interactive displays, the future of digital signage looks dazzling.

Proliferation of Screens

It's quickly becoming very usual to see the screens in every business or store the users enter. Communication with customers is being carried out through display panels be leveraging the digital signage. Companies and stores are embracing this change as they can improve the customer's journey and enable a streamlined experience. Smart displays can show relevant adverts to shoppers and guide them to the correct area of the store, meaning customers no longer have to spend time searching for an assistant to point them in the right direction.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Industries across all the countries leverage digital signage. Digital signage is no different. Automation can increase monitoring and managing campaigns that are carried out by digital signage. AI can decide whether certain content should be shown to a specific customer after analyzing multiples databases and indicators. It can analyze a person's goal when they are in front of a screen and determine the appropriate advertisement for that particular moment.\

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