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Top 3 Digital Signage Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, May 01, 2020

The emerging technologies and the increasing number of interactive displays and kiosk systems are making digital signage more and more effective. Let’s look at some of the digital signage trends that can shape enterprises in 2020.

Leveraging digital signage helps create content that informs, interacts, and fascinates the management from shopping, traveling, or queuing. Digital Signage began with the technological progress and marketing experts who recognized the profits of the counterpart of poster advertising. Digital signage becomes even more dynamic and reactive with along with the associated market. This helps to be up to date in order not to oversleep developments.


Top 10 Kiosk Consulting/Services Companies - 2020Personalization is the most efficient way of utilizing technologies like recognition software and machine vision to create meaningful and relevant consumer interactions. Combining the technology promises better connectivity, intelligence, and responsiveness, the degree of personalization of digital signage enhances. AI is known as the main driver for this development. Artificial Intelligence is capable of learning and interacting with people properly. More efficiency in data processing means a better understanding of the user. For instance, a digital signage installation can greet a customer by their first name and prepare useful information and provides mainly for the users.


Due to the constant further development of presentations with associated cost reduction, enhancing larger screens are entering the market. This trend is moving towards screens with at least 80” screen size up to video walls. Nevertheless, the smaller screen sizes are developing into a trend that will improve exponentially over the next few years. In connection with smaller screens, the Power over Ethernet (POE) technology must be mentioned. POE is a process that supplies network-compatible devices with power and with a network cable. This excludes the previous complications with the power supply. This particular technology is seen as a turning point for less complicated digital signage applications, as the installation of small displays is simplified.


Wayfinding is becoming a standard tool to make visiting large government buildings or any buildings more convenient. It is likely to cross the interactive 3D map from a first-person perspective. This gives users a quicker understanding of the environment. Hospitals, museums, art exhibitions, cruise ships, and notable buildings of all kinds will increasingly implement digital guidance systems, with 3D mapping having the most significant impact on this development.

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