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Top 3 Robotics and AI Trends to Watch Out for

By Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, August 03, 2020

New technology trends and market developments of techs such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics enable companies to react to changing requirements.

FREMONT, CA: AI and Smart robotics are vital to deal with new consumer trends and have undoubtedly been the technology story of the last decade, and it doesn't look like the excitement is going to wear off as new decade dawn. The past decade will be recognized as the time when machines that can indeed be thought of as intelligent—as capable of thinking, and learning, like we do—started to become a reality outside of science fiction. Programming and installation of robots become much more comfortable with simplification, Collaboration, and Digitalization being the key drivers that will benefit robot implementation. Here are some of the trends in the market that are likely to rise to the top.

AI-based software

The electricity of the 21st century AI, along with collective intelligence, is undoubtedly the most valuable fuel. This reality gives the ability to collect that data and to use it to enable AI in drones and other devices without connecting over the cloud—vital. 

Edge computing

Edge computing refers to every type of computing that doesn't occur in a core data center or the public cloud. It can include everything from mobile computing to the Internet of Things. This kind of computing and data storage is thought-out to be at the "edge" of the network, and its prime goal is to improve response times at the edge. IoT plays an essential role because IoT devices are becoming smart enough to create mini networks and share resources with other edge devices. 

Autonomous retail

 Independent retail took root a decade ago, with kiosks appearing in airports and shopping malls where the consumers could purchase electronics and more items without any human interaction.