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Top 4 Advanced Fire Safety Technologies to Watch Out for

By Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, July 06, 2020

Fire safety technology has advanced rapidly over the last few decades, saving many lives. Fire safety has come a significant way. They are still improving and being implemented in commercial and domestic properties, even today.

FREMONT, CA: Fire safety is essential in all buildings, but especially in hospitals and other health care facilities. It makes it critical that facility managers focus their fire protection strategies on the maintenance of existing technologies, and identify where system upgrades are needed. These tactics can help limit nuisance alarms and provide more accurate information to occupants when future incidents occur. Below given are some of the advanced trends in fire safety technology.

Water Mist System

Top 10 Fire Protection Solution Companies - 2019Water mist systems are considered the future of fire safety. Conventional water sprinkler works by expelling large water droplets onto the fire, which uses a lot of water. Whereas, water mist systems work by spraying a thin veil of mist over the fire, making it a larger surface area of water, and choking the fire by lowering the temperature. It significantly reduces the amount of water damage in a building after a fire, especially to buildings containing expensive equipment.

Drone Technology

Drones are used for a multitude of practices. A few working prototypes of a drone are designed to deliver a defibrillator to people having a heart attack. This type of technology is available to those in a dangerous situation can help firefighters save even more lives by drastically improving fire victims' survival rates. In a few more years, it's foreseen that drones will be able to extract victims from flames of fire when the firefighters are incapable of reaching them.

Sound Wave Extinguisher

The idea has been considered for many years, but no one has managed to create a portable sound wave extinguisher. Using the low-frequency sound waves to extinguish the flames, this way of killing the fire doesn't leave any mess behind, like standard fire extinguishers. Sound wave extinguishers are made to work with smaller lights, as use of them with a more significant fire may reignite already hot surfaces.

Robotic Firefighter

Eventhough robotic firefighters have been an idea for many years. They have only recently been used in firefighting space. During the Notre Dame fire, robot firefighters were utilized to try and fight the light from the inside to prevent risk to human life. Although firefighters are using this technology, there are still plenty of changes, as designs are still in their primitive stages.

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