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VueReal to Initiate Shipment of Microdisplays

Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, May 15, 2019

VueReal Inc., a provider of next-generation high-efficiency nano devices announced shipment of their patented self-sorting microdisplays from June 2019. The company will soon start accepting orders for exporting their product samples to clients and interested parties.

The major setback faced by current micro-LED manufacturers occurs due to limited scalability. The surface mount technology (SMT) placement equipment approach has narrowed down the throughput as long hours are required to assemble a single large display screen with subpixels. The low value of performance directly causes an elevation in manufacturing cost and as a result, makes micro-LED a luxury item. However, VueReal had made it possible to plug tens of millions of individual micro and nano-LEDs into a precise location in a brief period of time. VueReal's unique manufacturing technique increases the efficiency of mass integration of micro and nanodevices taking their scalability up a notch. VueReal also promises to build high-efficiency nano-chips without compromising the performance and integrity of the product. VueReal has set a new benchmark for other digital chip manufacturing companies by introducing a pre-screening monitoring process which helps in manufacturing high yields with zero-defects.

Focus on the development of core and practical technologies that revolve around and eliminate the risk associated with the production of micro-LEDs have been the prime motto for Dr. Reza Chaji, CEO of VueReal. The company is in a developmental stage of various key components and products, which possess the potential to change the faith of micro and nano-LED markets. The introduction of adaptive patterning technologies, high efficient micro-LEDs, smart microdevice cartridge structure, as well as their high throughput micro-printing equipment are expected to create a true-life viewing experience.

Dr. Ehsan Fathi, VP of Device Technology at VueReal have confirmed that by producing a >30,000 pixel per inch (PPI) micro-LED array they have broken their world record of 6600 PPI set in 2017. Dave Miller, VueReal CFO has invested in advanced nanotechnology for development and volumetric increase in the production process. The samples offered to selected parties will significantly increase the business opportunities and drive them towards providing world-class service.

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