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Finding Solid Ground in Times of Change

Wave of Evolution soon to touch display tech arena

By Enterprise Technology Review | Saturday, April 27, 2019

The magic of the animation in display technology becomes perfect when a real object serves as a reference inside the system. It is how an illusion will create to all the people who are visualizing the particular object. Enhancements in display technology forwarded to develop the 3D hologram which is tested live on the hologram projector selected by the specific customer, to guarantee high quality and also to achieve an optimal result.

Holography is the next stage of display technology, and its three-dimensionality creates completely new possibilities for use, such as for product presentation. Unlike a conventional film

Display technology

 on a standard screen, a 3D hologram with holographic light is visible from all sides, which means the observer can walk around the hologram, enabling a realistic-looking image to form. The most interesting point of this 3D hologram is, everyone can see it without the use of 3D glasses.

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Although Holographic technology has salient features in displaying the object in real-time, still it is facing challenges in terms of the massive amount of computing that is required to achieve this. The 

range of possibilities with the use of this Holography is endless in almost all sectors like pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, food, telecommunications, automotive and other industries. With this new presentation technology, an organization can get benefits by providing an eye-catching display of the particular product, process, and procedures to the customers.

It is also recommendable to use an acoustic backdrop perfectly that co-ordinates with the 3D hologram, including background sound. It can lengthen the attention span, and sub-consciously embeds the product being presented even more deeply in the minds of the audience.

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