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What are the Advanced Technologies are Used in GIS

Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, October 19, 2020

The development of GIS with new technology has led to the industry's growth and aims to provide an improved, organized, and efficient way of living.

FREMONT, CA: Geographic information system, better known by its market abbreviation GIS, is the ultimate database available to benefit various private corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. The ease of availability of such a database has encouraged entrepreneurs and private and public researchers to extract the maximum information for advancements in business and technology. The way GIS is utilized in different sectors is evolving with time with newer methods and software inclusions. Here are three recent most promising trends in GIS:


The GIS rank as a multi-genre software is scaled up solely by its ability to acquire and analyze data in real-time.

Location-based services available by consumers require updates by minutes and seconds, based on geospatial information consumer-service interaction revolves. In moments of emergency like natural disasters, the availability of real-time geospatial intelligence is of utmost importance for making rapid decisions to reduce its impact.


Top 10 GPS Solution Companies - 2020A wide range of industries is availing Geospatial data and molding them into a consumer-convenient database. Such accessible consumer-facing-information helps make smart decisions and encourages both the industries and consumers to delve deeper into GIS's current trend.

Nowadays, consumers are not satisfied with only photos of houses or properties available. They are scouring for details about the area, and real estate apps make sure it can be done from within the comforts of home using GIS platforms.

From a health and wellness perspective, the advent of GIS introduced a significant turnaround with individuals being able to track their heart rates, steps, and calories burnt to manage their lifestyle and, undoubtedly, a better one.


Artificial intelligence is a rapidly evolving distinct genre of technology. When merged with GIS becomes a powerful industrial tool. Prediction and alternatives are two of the most critical functions of GeoAI, which require tracking of data over a long period and analyzing the database a suitable outcome is generated. One of the most crucial impacts this combination had on daily life is the traffic and navigation system. The whole navigation system is intricately based on prediction and providing alternatives, allowing the consumer to avoid a heavy traffic road and set course on a lighter one.

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