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What are the Hottest Trends in Rugged PC Industry?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Comfort, convenience, and acceptance of personal computers are definite, but many physical working environments demand rugged computers. Know what is happening in rugged PC industry.    

FREMONT, CA: There is a higher demand for rugged PCs in mission-critical tasks today. Rugged computers not only need to perform at levels in which ordinary computers do but, they should withstand extreme conditions that the industrial environment brings. So, like all other technology-based sectors, rugged computing is also evolving quickly to bring advancements in its functionality, reliability, and to lower the cost of ownership. Here is more on the trends that are shaping the industry at the moment. 

A broken touch screen is the most common reason for industrial computers being out of service. For remediating this issue, a thick, more hardened new touch screen technology, projected capacitive touch (PCT) is available that enables the touch sensor to be placed behind toughened glass so it can meet harsh industrial environment requirements. PCT screens are scratch proof and practically unbreakable, vastly improving uptime. These screens also give user experience similar to personal smart devices. PCT screens work with a simple, light finger touch, and also functions with gloves even in humid or wet conditions. Coupled with a powerful CPU system, PCT provides a unique and user-friendly interface.

Full-service packages from the suppliers of rugged PCs are becoming mainstream as customers understand the value it offers. Full-service packages ensure maximal uptime of the PC at a predefined predictable cost. If a device breaks, customers can minimize time spent on servicing it, or if a failure occurs, the supplier takes care of it, keeping the customer’s involvement to a minimum. This way, downtime is minimized, and customers can effectively predict and invest in their hardware maintenance costs.

The importance of rugged devices cannot be neglected. Ensuring that the workforce has appropriate tools to execute their tasks and remain productive, can allow firms to continue running smoothly. Although the initial cost of a rugged PC may be higher, it can generate a more significant ROI over its lifetime.