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What are the Latest RTLS Trends in the Sports Sector

By Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, April 06, 2020

Technologies like wearable devices are helping players increase their efficiency and fitness on the field.

FREMONT, CA: RTLS is dominating the sports industry with its technologically advanced devices. These devices can help track the activities of the players in the filed and offer the fans a clear view of the game they want to watch. Here are the popular RTLS sports devices that are used among consumers. 

High demand for wearable devices in sports analytics

Primarily the sports that have RTLS implanted in them are utilized for analyzing sports. The smart wearable devices have technology and software embedded in them that help make a significant decision in various games like tennis, golf, football, and basketball. Furthermore, the users of such a wearable device can even track the activities of the players like the distance covered by them, heart rates, speed, and also breathing. It has also become easy to keep a check on the on-field players as the devices monitor the performance and fitness on behalf of the trainer. 

Therefore it becomes easy to suggest different exercises and fitness regimes to the players based on the information collected from the devices. There are also tools available in the market that can mainly track the spin, flight path, and kick speed in the football. The coach can choose the top performers from the team for a game from the data derived from the devices. 

Utilization of augmented reality technology

The users can now view the real environment with the augmented reality technology because it can project the image with high resolution so that the users can operate the 3D objects. For example, the players can utilize augmented reality for analyzing their games and then decide the type of fitness they can practice to enhance their performance.

Cost-effective technologies

One of the primary reasons for the increasing demand for the global RTLS market in sports is the new cost-effective technologies. These devices help improve the fitness activities and efficiency of the players and reduce the operational expense to a considerable amount. 

According to the forecast of the market researchers, the market growth of these technologies will increase rapidly due to their advantages compared to the Wi-Fi and RFID based RTLS systems. The technique can be less expensive, but it provides precision, reliability, and accuracy. 

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