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What are the Popular Physical Security Technologies to Enter 2020

By Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Since artificial intelligence (AI) is growing into a household term, it is far from being a household reality.

FREMONT, CA : Manufacturers aim to promote security while securing individual privacy and civil liberties. Besides helping guide regulations, manufacturers will also have to invest heavily in cybersecurity by building security into their products by default.

Machines are good at combing a colossal amount of data to provide better insights to help humans in making informed decisions efficiently and quickly. People might soon witness machine learning continuing to make enormous strides in the security industry, helping cities and law enforcement implement their physical resources efficiently as per the predicted trends in crime. Machine learning will soon be applied in assisting Automated License Plate Recognition systems in reading the characters better, reject wicked reads, recognize the state of origin of a license plate and much more.

When a few manufactures witness the deployment of facial recognition or other analytics, they understand more about how to identify individuals and monitor their movements as a powerful method to improve efficiency and security. In 2020, developers will have to work hand in hand, along with regulating bodies, and also continuing to develop the technology to mitigate the biases. Advancing the solutions with the help of a privacy-by-design approach will reduce concerns and enhance protection.

Enterprises, irrespective of any size, need to control their access to their facilities and spaces. On the other hand, companies that do not have enough amount to invest in costly tailored applications have to depend on untraceable processes that include several human interactions to grant and then withdraw their access to safe spaces and facilities. Monitoring the access on an individual basis needs to have a vast amount of time, as well as energy from security operators, visitors, and personnel.

The explosion of many out-of-the-box solutions has resulted in more small and mid-sized organizations shifting to cloud-based identity management systems, where they can implement effortlessly. Several affordable physical identities and access management (PIAM) solutions will also lend a hand the organizations in order to secure their systems and facilities by efficiently managing access requests as per the identity of the individual and security policies of an organization. They additionally make sure that only those individuals, having access to a secured area can do so by taking care and automating the process.

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