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What are the Pros of Robotization?

Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, September 09, 2020

RPA, being called a 'super-hyped tool,' is due to the to-the-point technology's versatility.

FREMONT, CA: The world might be witnessing a revolution that results in disrupting a paradigm in which any automation in the office operations is entirely under the IT team's responsibility. The power of RPA is that it gives out some of the automation capability to the business owners of processes. Considering that, with the help of RPA, automation can be seamlessly applied to the most painful and unwanted by people tasks, the hype around the robots working along people in offices is wholly justified.

Top 10 Sensor Technology Solution Companies - 2020The main differentiating factor between a tool and a super-hyped tool is that the latter can sometimes be used everywhere without giving a second thought to the purpose the tool was designed for. All in all, utilizing the right tools to the right tasks is a mandatory step to achieve success. And knowing the benefits a tool can bring is even more critical to set the right expectations.

Robotization, along with RPA, brings certain benefits that need to be identified well. RPA does not respond to all of the challenges that are now faced by the back-office operations. Still, it helps for certain advancements that can yield great results. Here are some benefits of robotization:

• Robots carry out tasks that people usually don't want to do – tedious, repetitive, and error-prone, which allows humans to focus on their job's creative side

• A robot is much cheaper than the cost of the salary of a human doing the same tasks.

• A robot performs faster and is more accurate compared to humans and never makes mistakes.

• A robot never quits a job. Also, Digital Teammates take full care of its maintenance, reconfiguring it as needed. This allows companies to save the recruitment and training costs of the employees.

• A robot doesn't require a desk, proper office space, computer, and ergonomic chair, which mitigates the challenges employees face while managing the office space.

• A robot can easily handle sudden spikes in the volumes of work. In these cases, multiple copies of the robots can be made available to work on demand.

Robots might not be an answer to all the challenges associated with back-office operations, but the pros of having them on board are tangible and achievable in a short time. Robots as Digital Teammates release the burden of doing the least exciting tasks, but those also are a perfect solution to rising or irregular volumes of work.

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