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What Digital Signage Means for Marketing

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, November 29, 2019

As customers grow more accustomed to digital, digital signage assumes a more significant role in enterprises’ marketing efforts.

FREMONT, CA: Providing the best possible customer experience has become more critical than ever before for marketers today. This is why more and more digital marketers are turning to technology for help. While there are many options to choose from, none compare to the popularity of digital signage. Companies across almost every industry have utilized this to meet the unique demands of their customers. In this way, the benefits of digital signage are nearly too many to count.

Digital signage is transforming the way businesses share information and content with visitors. It represents the next wave of innovation. Digital signage allows for real-time content updates. In traditional campaigns, brands have to decide on messaging, review, money spends, and time to print displays, and then manually hang signs in a display space. With digital signage, brands can instantly update content, change messaging, and display personalized content based on customer requirements.

Many digital signs take the form of kiosks, or touch-screen enabled displays that encourage consumer interaction. Audiences can tap through slideshows, view a brand’s social media pages, and even design custom merchandise all from a digital display. Digital signage can also help close deals. In retail environments, it acts as an extra ’man on the floor’ and serves as a point-of-sale if other sales representatives are busy. Digital signage can highlight product features and help guide customers to a buying decision.

Brands should start by thinking about what they are trying to achieve with their digital signage. Content is essential for digital signage because, no matter how cutting edge or innovative, signage may look less impressive and outdated without great content. Merely putting a hodge-podge group of graphics upon an LED screen is not optimizing the digital signage strategy. Instead, brands should focus on how the audience will be engaging and interacting with the content that is projected.

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