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What do AV Technologies Contribute to eSports?

Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, November 18, 2019

As the eSports industry grows, AV technologies are set to be the game-changer.

FREMONT, CA: Technology has always been a major determinant in the growth of the sports and entertainment industries. The rise of the eSports industry is an excellent example of how technology calls the shot even in the gaming domain. Audiovisual (AV) technologies are indispensable when it comes to eSports. The user experience in eSports banks on audiovisuals to a vast extent. From creating engaging visuals to designing the venue of the eSports events, AV has been at the fore. It can easily be said that eSports was conceptualized with AV at its core. The following list talks about some of the current applications of AV in the eSports industry.

• Staging the Event

The eSports arenas need to be done up with detailed decorations. From merchandise to posters, everything plays an important role in bringing the sporting venue alive for the audiences. Organizers know that devoted fans pay a lot of attention to the way the venue has been designed. Needless to say, AV technologies are central to the display behind the posters and the electronic displays mounted in the arenas. Themes, characters, and interactive displays can be easily incorporated with modern AV capabilities.

• Live Streaming

The live streaming of a gaming event requires highly sophisticated AV equipment. The only way to attract viewers in eSports is by providing high-resolution live streams that capture the events in real-time and allow the viewers to feel like they are a part of the virtual game they are watching. Audio also contributes equally to deliver immersive streaming to the audience. 

• Enabling Audience Participation

The potential of eSports is not limited to garnering viewers on a live stream. Today, AV enables audience participation through various interactive techniques. Besides the multiple angle cameras that give viewers a comprehensive view of the eSports arena, there are apps that allow viewers to enter the game virtually and interact with professional gamers.

eSports is an emerging medium of entertainment that draws heavily from AV technologies. As eSport expands, advanced AV will only grow in value.

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