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What Lies Ahead for Construction Analytics?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, July 29, 2020

According to observations, the failure rates for large capital projects are consistently high; thus, it is essential to know how construction data analytics can help mitigate the risks and plan for success.

FREMONT, CA: The owners of large capital projects are highly turning to data analytics. The construction analytics solution helps organizations to counter low-performing trends in construction by asking the right questions, at the right time, to extract data to assist clients with managing and enhancing the performance. The rapidly deployable and easily customizable construction data analytics solutions offer configurable dashboards and project sensing tools to help the owners enhance portfolio and project delivery.

Top 10 Sensor Technology Solution Companies - 2020Here are a few outcomes:

• The data calls can be reduced, and consistent reports can be directly generated from the tool.

• The structured, as well as unstructured data gathered from the different systems, can be aggregated.

• Hard data and numbers can be shifted into useful and concise visuals, promoting insight, efficiency, and effectiveness.

• Clarity can be improved for project owners, producing reliable and insightful metrics to examine their full portfolio of projects.

• The paper-based reports can be gathered, read, and examined, and the data can then be entered into the database.

• The data can automatically be imported from the various systems where it’s currently housed.

The construction analytics solution

The construction analytics solution results in an offering a dashboard that contains a real-time key performance measure at the program, project, and portfolio level by employing these steps:

• Construction data that typically resides in various systems and tools, including paper-based processes, is gathered and processed-initially manually-and later automatically as a way of data improvement.

• A database platform is leveraged to sort, analyze, and align the incoming data to allow consistency from different sources.

• Data is then included in a dashboard visualization tool delivering a consistent look and feel, with the appropriate amount of detail for the intended audience. The visualization provides easy and efficient reporting on key performance measures at customizable reporting levels.

The construction analytics solutions analyze real-time data against performance thresholds–assessing trends over time and transforming information into insight, enhancing decision-making, and improving overall project delivery.

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