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What Measures Must be Taken for a Digital Signage Project?

Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, December 12, 2019

To achieve success in a project, there are few steps that every digital signage analytics project must follow as it will help them to measure the efficiency of the deployment and also allow focusing on vital measures.

FREMONT, CA: There are no straightforward measures for fully non-interactive signage. It is necessary to have secondary means and instinct.

There are several processes to interact with digital signage. Some of them are active, such as touch, RFID badge swipes, and voice activation. Many means are passive, like camera vision and motion detection. It will be easier to use the passive approaches for generating data for analysis.

Therefore, every signage installation can be a primary data source that will have a high degree of accuracy. It is also equally crucial for the project owner to have vision and investment make it happen.

Average dwell time

Average dwell time is an accurate measure with precise suggestions. With this figure, the user can identify the stage of engagement that the signage content is accomplishing, and this has to be done on a screen-by-screen basis.

Furthermore, average dwell time also provides about knowledge of how engaging the provided screen was and setting the time is up to the user as they can do it hourly, daily, or weekly. The point of focus can also be at any similar level that can be per floor, geographic location, per screen, and many more.  

At the time of the signage pilot phase, it is also essential to establish a dwell time baseline. However, average dwell time is a better method to recognize the engagement level of the content. 

Session count

Project owners knowing website analytics will be familiar with the notion of a session. A session is the set of actions that are executed by a unique visitor. That action can be reading a marketing promotion, and it can also be actively interacting with content. An exclusive session will represent each visitor. 

With the measurement of session count, the project owner will know the number of people that have interacted with the content. 

However, project owners must be cautious about reaching to improper conclusions while studying collected data. If every measurement is taken seriously, the results will be more successful for the project, and the project owner can tackle more complex projects in the future. 

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