What's New in the Mining Sector?

Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, October 19, 2020

The mining industry is utilizing modern mining technology to control the increasing demand for mined materials.

FREMONT, CA: The new technological trends in mining refer to a captivating shift towards sustainability. The digital technology continuously works hard to provide productive, modern, and sage mining, which will help control the increasing demand for mined materials, exceeding customer expectations, and worldwide sustainability initiatives. Here are some of the new technological innovations utilized in the mining industry.

1. Spatial data visualisation

The mining industry is witnessing a tremendous shift due to spatial or geospatial data. With the help of technologies like three-dimensional (3D) modeling, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR), spatial data has become even more detailed and transparent than it was ever before.

Utilization of new technologies like spatial data efficiently, the mining industry can obtain more information about mine systems at a lesser price and create less impact on the environment. The mining industry moves rapidly towards a future where it can virtually construct and deconstruct the mines, buildings, plants, and every other related structure even before breaking the ground to develop an intelligent mine.

Top 10 Mining Tech Companies in APAC - 20202. Geographic information systems

Geographic information systems (GIS) are essential tools that allow taking a better look at how geographic relationships affect worldwide. With GIS's help, the miners can solve real-life problems in situations where the accessibility and locations are crucial.

The geospatial data represents the shape, location, and size of the object. The miners will have more information about the mine environment or the designated system by obtaining such data.

3. Artificial intelligence

In the insight-driven firms, artificial intelligence helps to make decisions. The technology uses smart data and machine learning to enhance the production workflow, operational efficiency, and mine safety. Applying artificial intelligence technology will help develop day-to-day data in less time than previously used.

The mining industry is evolving rapidly because machine learning and AI can help the mines make choices for the future.

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