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What Technologies are Impacting the Mining Industry?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Technologies are helping mining companies create more opportunities to improve safety, reduce expenses, and enhance production.

FREMONT, CA: The downturn in commodity prices and market instability has developed a new norm where factors like automation, operation efficiency, and cost-cutting have become urgent. Issues related to geopolitical risks, shareholder activism, strict regulations, legal restrictions on natural resources use, and public analysis have developed more difficulties for the mining industry. It is estimated that the demand for minerals will increase in the future, but the recent trends in the market will regulate which types of mining companies will succeed. Here are some of the trends that can shape the future of the mining sector. 

Top 10 Mining Tech Companies in APAC - 2020Decarbonization

Due to the increasing pressure of the stakeholders and to strengthen their business, the mining companies are following the path of decarbonization. They have started to adopt steps to decrease the emission of greenhouse gas.

Several businesses are strengthening their place in the market with decarbonization, renewable energy, and solar power.

Efficiently managing risk

Presently, mining companies are not dependent on the risk registers from where they used to identify the vital risks during such global instability. Companies are forced to use technology to forecast the impact of an upcoming event and focus on significant risk factors due to the insufficient risk sensing and complicated operating models.

Mining companies are applying strategic risk management that can help them integrate the risk factors, provide control and assurance, and explore alternative options for the future. Risk management can help prepare the mining companies for worst-case scenarios in advance by learning from past mistakes, offering power to the employees to report risks, and providing accurate data.

Get the right partnerships and joint ventures

It becomes difficult for startups or smaller mining companies to advance in the market due to the deficiency of capital and market capitalism. These companies do not gain the entire corporate value due to which many big companies are partnering with them to gain scale.

For junior companies, such collaboration can be a natural solution. Still, it fails because of ineffective governance, low transparency and arrangement, and uncertain processes of making decisions.

However, as per the latest trends, companies are trying to assign project assets and responsibilities to a full ecosystem of partners, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), governments, mining companies, local communities, and service providers.

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