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Why AI-based AgTech is Agriculturist's New Favorite?

Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Artificial intelligence-based agriculture technology helps agriculturists tackle the new age farming challenges by providing solutions to boost the quantity and quality of crops.          

FREMONT, CA: The introduction of technology has influenced the agricultural sector in numerous ways. From sowing seeds to checking the quality of soil, agriculture technology, primarily based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), continues to offer next-generation farming solutions. As the world's population grows, the demand for smarter farming products and solutions also increases. 

Today, agriculturists are approaching tech-driven farm equipment and farming strategies to fulfill the growing demands of the population with quality products. AI-based farming tools and applications provide numerous benefits like significant control over pests, efficiently monitor the soil and crop condition, identify the need for fertilizers, and improve the agricultural supply chain. Immensely influencing the agrarian market, AI continues to help the agriculturists explore new methods for accelerating their crop production and revenue.

• Smart Analysis Of Farm Data

Farming was never an easy task as it requires precise analysis of weather condition, soil quality, crops demand in the market, and many more. AI technology allows farmers to choose the best hybrid seeds for sowing based on their soil quality report. The in-depth farm reports, including the prediction of weather conditions, enable farmers to optimize the planning and generate bountiful yields by the strategic utilization of available resources.

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• Improvement in Harvest Quality

 There is various equipment available in the market to detect crop diseases instantly and provide recommendations for pesticides and fertilizers. Tech-savvy agriculturists are rapidly adopting AI-based sensors to identify and target weeds and precisely use the toxins without harming crops. AI-based equipment also helps farmers to measure the soil's nutrition quality, guiding them to invest in the right fertilizer and achieve healthier harvest

• The Right Solution Recommendation

Agriculture technology developers combine deep learning algorithms and computer vision technology to integrate with drones, which help the new farmers monitor the entire farm instantly and recognize the problematic areas. This technology enables agriculturist to strategize and offer personalized solutions for farming challenges by suggesting the right tools to the farmers. The instant problem identification helps the farmers to take actions in lesser time and save their farms from more damages.

Artificial intelligence contributes to developing smart farming equipment that can not only boost their product quantity but quality too. Smart bots and various applications also tackle the primary issue in the farming sector. To fulfill the growing demand for farm products at a global scale, agriculturists and technology developers are collaborating to design and develop smart farming methods.