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Why are Rugged Devices Essential for Manufacturers?

Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Rugged devices are being used to a critical level in the manufacturing industry, as companies look to streamline manufacturing operations without disturbing quality. 

FREMONT, CA: Factories and warehouses involve harsh working environments, and it is essential that any technology that manufacturer introduces should stand up to the inevitable drops and knocks. Rugged handheld devices are designed to take whatever manufacturing can throw at them. In essence, manufacturers can rely on such devices to deliver greater efficiency. Below is a closer look at why many businesses are investing more in rugged technology.

• Inventory Control 

Usually, warehouses and factories will be full of essential inventories, which must be ordered dynamically. Achieving the required level of inventory control with paper records can be a hassle, but rugged handheld devices can make it easier. At all stages of the manufacturing process, staff can use rugged handheld devices with scanners to accurately record the whereabouts of inventories. By scanning inventories, data is uploaded to a computer system and made available immediately, meaning that the manufacturer can monitor everything in real-time.

• Machinery Maintenance

The smooth running of manufacturing machinery is crucial to the business's efficiency. But, keeping track of maintenance work and scheduled repairs using pen and paper is a minefield. The maintenance team can use rugged handheld devices to access up-to-date machine information and task lists wherever they are, and that same information will be available to managers and others within the manufacturing environment, allowing everything to work harmoniously. Better communication and harmony means less downtime and more productivity.

• Better Visibility

Manufacturing involves various stakeholders demanding accurate information on inventories and orders. With staff scanning constantly at multiple touchpoints, the manufacturer can have complete visibility of the manufacturing process from start to finish. Handheld rugged devices give production staff access to information on equipment while providing greater visibility of repair schedules that may impact workflow. This kind of clear visibility helps in running processes smoothly.

To help employees and equipment stay productive and organized, manufacturers need to empower operations with rugged devices.

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