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Why is RTLS Gaining Popularity?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, September 09, 2020

There is a wide range of technologies that have developed for location tracking. Each of these systems enables a selection of unique benefits for the businesses. Some techniques are better suited to passive monitoring of assets and personnel as they enter and exit a building.

FREMONT, CA: RTLS system is a combination of hardware and software that work together to create a mesh network capable of overseeing the movement of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags within a particular location. This network is created by placing anchors at critical points throughout and surrounding a facility. These anchors send out and also receive radio signals. They can recognize the active RFID tags each time they come within the range of the hook. When the anchors get a signal from an RFID tag, the location of the label can be calculated by using triangulation, received signal strength (RSSI), time difference of arrival (TDOA), or similar methods.

A well-developed RTLS software program can join into other systems throughout the enterprise's facility to improve automation and safety further. The system can also send automatic directions to the drivers of these vehicles telling them where to park or which docking bay to go to on arrival.

Let's see some of the applications where RTLS technologies are widely accepted and used at present.

Tracking From Long Range

Top Display Technology Solution CompaniesKeeping track of staff is also a vital function of a real-time location system. Enterprises can use this technology to do virtual roll calls, monitor the active movements of staff members, check that staff is working, and even keep track of essential data, such as hours worked, delay, and which employees used which equipment.

Workplace Safety

ID tags worn by the employees can also comprise alerts that trigger when the employee hasn't moved for an extended period or has even fallen. Besides, RTLS can be used to assist with emergency evacuation, fire training, and collision avoidance. Real-time location software can actively monitor the movement of vehicles and equipment, such as forklifts, to prevent accidents and crashes.

Facility Security

Gateways set up within an RFID network can monitor the passage of personnel to prevent unauthorized access to specific areas. Passive ID tags affixed to tools and equipment may even trigger an alert when someone walks away from the site with these assets. Panic buttons and alarms on ID tags also allow employees to request emergency assistance from security.

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