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Why Physical Security is Important for Enterprises to Minimize Cyber Crime?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, February 03, 2020

AI, physical security management, and facial recognition technologies are advancing and are fighting to become the best security management for the enterprises to gain profit by minimizing cyber threats. Let's see some of the physical security trends that can shape a better enterprise in the future.

FREMONT, CA: Understanding current physical security trends is essential in any security business. Methods for protecting property, computers, money, or any other physical item are growing every day. To ensure that the security business is active, productive, and up with the times, the enterprises should be updated with the best trends in the market. These will help to keep the property and clients secure in the face of inclement weather, natural disaster, fire, and robbery.


Machine learning has continued to make considerable paces in the security sector, helping the cities and law enforcement use their physical resources more efficiently based on foretold trends in crime. Machine learning can also be instrumental in assisting Automated License Plate Recognition systems to become better than ever at reading characters and recognizing a license plate's state of origin.

Physical Identity Management

The increase of out-of-the-box solutions will result in extra small and mid-sized organizations moving to cloud-based identity management systems that they can perform quickly. This more affordable physical identity and access management (PIAM) solutions will help the organizations to secure their networks and facilities by effectively managing access requests based on an individual's identity and an organization's security policies. This can also assure that only those individuals who have the right to access a secured area can do access by managing and automating the process.

Facial Recognition

While some people see the use of facial recognition or other analytics that can help to identify the individuals and track their movements as a powerful way to enhance efficiency and security, others see it as invasive. In 2020, the developers will need to work hand in hand with managing bodies, while continuing to enhance the technology to eradicate biases. Developing solutions using a privacy-by-design approach will help to lessen the concerns and build protection.

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