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Why Proptech Firms Offer Predictive Analytics Solutions?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The power of predictive analytics is translating into decision-making success for real estate companies.

FREMONT, CA: Information analysis is crucial for the buyers, as well as the sellers in the real estate sector. Traditionally, assessment of property would require time-intensive processes driven real estate professionals. However, things are changing now as real estate firms and customers incorporate technological advancements. The vast potential of technology in innovating business models, and conducting risk assessments is resulting in the evolution of advanced analytics solutions. Proptech companies are developing and delivering modern analytics systems that use real estate datasets to provide actionable insights over the upcoming trends in the sector. Predictive analytics will thus be useful for the establishment of the modern real estate industry and help the companies overcome conventional challenges.

Trends regarding the future of the real estate sector can give investors critical information about the valuation of properties in times to come. Predictive analytics use recorded data to make data-driven and reliable predictions about the future cost of properties. Analytics also allows agents to determine which customers are most likely to sell or buy a property. Predictive analytics capabilities give agents the ability to intelligently suggest properties to potential buyers as per their preferences and specifications.

With predictive analytics-driven insights, investors can save time and minimize risks. The ability to achieve a higher probability or positive return on investment is also a contribution of predictive analytics. Moreover, predictive analytics can help investors in recognizing new markets that align with an individual investor's profile, depending on the pre-determined factors. The compilation and analysis of diverse datasets enable real-time market forecasts.

Property management will also gain significantly from predictive analytics. Property managers will be able to foretell maintenance requirements based on statistical modeling and real-time data. Predictive analytics solutions will help track contractor’s work, tenant queries, and repair history of properties. A predictive strategy to property maintenance issues enables property managers to save costs before concerns attain more significant proportions.

Thus, the real estate stakeholders concur on the fact that predictive analytics are highly beneficial for the sector.

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