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Why Security Entrances are Necessary While Planning Against Active Shooters

By Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The facilities while preparing to fight against active shooters must consider installing entry security solutions so that it helps to protect the lives of the people.

FREMONT, CA: It is necessary to take every step through which the protection of the employees and the visitors can be secured. It is also equally significant to think about the liability in case of both personal and business because the executive management might have to deal with such incidents. Therefore, situations like these make it essential for the organizations to keep a security plan so that they can deactivate an active shooter.

The first step is to put the security plan in place so that there is always active guard against the violence and the security entrance will also remain active as a fine line of defense against the hazards caused by the active shooters. Here are some reasons for which organizations must consider aggressive shooting plan in their security entrance.

Proper security can prevent from Tailgating

The method to avoid an active shooter is by exterminating them from getting entrance of the facility to create danger for others. With the help of a swinging door, the tasks can become more manageable for the shooter to get the entrance of the building even if there is an access control system and credential readers at the door. The criminals can follow any authorized user even without their consent while they are going inside. Moreover, the attackers can also persuade someone relevant from the company to take them inside. Therefore, security entrances are vital because they can make situations critical, particularly when they are used in several layers inside the facility.

For example, in the outer layer, the facility can install a full height turnstile fence line that rotates so that only one person get entrance with a valid credential and then it will lock itself again. In the lobby, there can be optical turnstiles with sliding barriers along with sensors in the lanes that can recognize tailgating and alarm. However, it is necessary to supervise it every time so that they can stay alert during an alarm or breach. But if the shooter wants to get inside by crossing all such barriers, then they must have planned carefully and had more motives.

Generally, the position of the detecting hardware is in the ceiling of a security revolving door. But by combining the optical camera, near-infrared sensors, it becomes possible for the advanced analytics technology to identify the volume, shapes, and size of the three dimensions.

This system of scanning can operate in the compartment of the security entrance for recognizing a critical action has the possibility of rejecting any extraordinary shapes. Therefore, the security employees in the chamber can move back to the non-secure side because the technology is reliable and does not need a human figure as a guard.

Security Entrance can form a Strong Physical Barrier to Prevent Crime

There is a common thing in the security entrances, and it is they develop an obstruction for the free admissions and have the largest visible sign that a physical security plan and policy have in a facility.

For a casual attempt of crime or violence, the security entrances become a robust visual restriction because the executor of the crime will possibly move forward for an easy target. However, if the culprits are determined to avoid the visuals of a security entrance, then planning in detail is necessary so that they can enter undetected and cause harm.

Security Entrance with Bullet-Proof Glass will Protect from Gunfire

Furthermore, to make sure that the people inside the organization stay protected from the weapons that are being discharged outside the security revolving doors and mantrap can be built with bullet-resistant glass. It is a particular type of a glass that is generated from layers of robust plastic known as polycarbonate that is sandwiched among the sheets of the sturdy glasses.

However, the bullet-proof glasses can divert the shooter and buy enough time for the people inside the organization to reach a safe place.

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