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Why Should Enterprises Adopt Video Surveillance to Minimize Theft?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, December 13, 2019

Adding video surveillance systems can be a great addition to companies. While protecting the business from theft, lack of productivity, and lawsuits that are unjust, it is also there to protect employees and contribute to the overall safety of a company.

FREMONT, CA: Video surveillance for any property, including your house, is a useful security strategy. If you are a business owner, you may already have video surveillance installed to discourage and prevent crime in and around your place. To run a good, secure company, a robust video surveillance system is necessary. It's also a cornerstone, though, to keep your home safe. Before reaching a final decision on whether to install cameras in your workplace, here are some key advantages to consider.

Video surveillance minimizes thefts

People often think that video cameras are mostly there to protect the company from outside robbers and offenders. Still, video surveillance is just as likely to protect the business from its employees. Theft of workers is a significant and normal problem for many companies. Approximately 75% of workers are reported to have robbed from their employer at least once. With this statistic in mind, it is not shocking that corporate fraud can account for as much as a 7 percent loss from the gross revenue of a company, and that it results in an estimated 30% of business bankruptcies. In companies with a video security system built, it will not only be easier to compensate for anything that may be missing, but it can also serve as a significant disincentive for workers who may be at risk.

Video surveillance and profits

To make a profit, each business owner is in the company; otherwise, a business would not be named. Companies can learn how to operate more efficiently and increase productivity through video surveillance. Enabling a director to track remotely helps them to see that workers lead to a decrease in productivity by issues like too much talk or inappropriate internet habits. They can also see which hours of the day can be over or understaffed and adjust the hours of work as appropriate. All of these efforts will increase the company's bottom line and help the organization to run smoother.

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