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Why Universities Must Invest in Digital Signage

Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, December 13, 2019

The universities can replace their posters and flyers with the latest digital signage technology so that they can make communication easier.

FREMONT, CA: Nowadays, as the audience is raised on digital communication, digital signage is a perfect model to engage the students and also their future generations. With the abilities of the new digital signage technologies, universities can communicate rapidly and efficiently with their students, faculty, and visitors.

Streamlined communications

The campuses can simplify interactions with the faculty, students, and visitors by rapidly replacing static notice boards and posters. Along with class schedules, news announcements and campus events will also be displayed in real-time to keep students and faculty up-to-date. The usage of a safe and collaborative, cloud-based content management system makes things easier for the management of communications. This also helps to take control of the whole network of screens along with the tailored content on specific screens. 

The universities with several campuses can also have a cost-effective and flexible solution that can be used all across the locations to ease communications with any number of students, faculty, and visitors quickly and efficiently. 

Increased engagement

In the entire campus area, digital screens can be placed that can help to assist in driving interest and enhance student engagement. It can also use the screens to greet new students or share event highlight videos staffs, recognize student achievements. These types of messages can also be tailored to several locations of a multi-campus university, which will create a feeling of warmth and belonging.

Improved guidance

However, with technology, university campuses are continuously expanding and evolving. They are trying to offer digital solutions so that the universities can help out their new visitors in navigating their way on the ground and also evade the risk of getting lost.  

The present students can also benefit from digital wayfinding because locating their new classrooms will become easier. The capability to customize the external design with kiosk will also make sure the digital wayfinding will fit comfortably within the environment and also complement the existing static wayfinding signage. 

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