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Willow Industries Rolls Out WillowPure 360

Enterprise Technology Review | Saturday, May 02, 2020

WillowPure 360 effectively decontaminates microbial on cannabis while preserving and guarding its medicinal properties.

FREMONT, CA: Willow Industries, the leader in cannabis and hemp decontamination technology, launches the next generation of its organic, ozone-based systems. Developed with cultivator feedback years, The WillowPure 360, like its preceding systems, is designed as a post-harvest kill-step, particularly for cannabis and hemp cultivators by cannabis experts.

Using data and feedback from customers and experts in the field, the WillowPure 360 integrates a drum system to seamlessly move product through decontamination treatments, in line with existing post-harvest technologies. The WillowPure 360 is designed to improve microbial kill rates & reduce cycle times. Cleaning between 45-105 pounds of flower per day, this new design needs minimal labor and offers a higher throughput of shelf-ready products. The touchscreen interface enables users to easily customize and adjust the gently turning drum for balanced and uniform ozone treatment. The WillowPure 360 is the organic kill-step enhanced, helping cultivators pass compliance testing while offering the cleanest cannabis in their market.

The WillowPure 360 is the culmination of years of research, innovation, and experience. Willow Industries continues to perfect systems to preserve the plant's integrity for cultivators and consumers. Quality should never be sacrificed for compliance. Willow Industries filled the first void by offering the first ethical, organic, clean cannabis decontamination technology and is pleased to work with cultivators of every size, from craft growers to multi-state operators. Beyond its technology, the company provides a dedicated Customer Success team that gives expert assessments of each harvest and seamlessly integrates improved processes into existing systems. These practices are part of a more considerable effort to address the systemic issues that plague the industry and work toward producing the highest quality cannabis possible.

The machine used correctly will render the product much fresher and revive its terpene profile quicker and brighter than pre-Willow. All employees have associated the WillowPure with cleanliness and love the end product it produces. The company provides short and long-term leases to licensed cultivators across all 50 U.S. states and Canada, with the first WillowPure 360 units going to Colorado, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, New York, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Delaware. Willow Industries also offers a mobile service in Colorado and Oklahoma and operates its WillowPure Processing Center in Oakland, California.