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3 Tech Revolutions Energizing Dairy Farming

Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, November 18, 2019

From robotic milking to sophisticated dairy farming software, farmers are increasingly using technology to reap better outcomes from their dairy farms.  

FREMONT, CA: Gone are the days when dairy farmers spent hours, manually milking each cow one-by-one. Today, dairy farming has evolved dramatically with advancements in technology. See how farmers are stepping up their game and using technology to manage the farm.   


Many dairy farms today are using robotic cow milking equipment. This technology is perfect for dairy farms because the milking process is so repetitive and precise. Robotic technology works to ensure that standards are met. This robotic milking system makes farmers’ life more comfortable and relaxed, as they can use the machine when cows are ready to be milked. The more comfortable the cows are, the more is the milk production. 

 Computer Farming Technology  

Farms are currently testing computer farming technology that used facial recognition software to monitor cows. Similar to facial recognition on a smartphone, these computers can recognize cows by their physical details. Depending on the breed of the cow, the system can recognize cows by their spot patterns, placement of the ear tag, width between the eyes, and many more. With this technology, cows can be monitored for feeding habits too. If farmers can track feeding patterns, it is easy to understand milking patterns, and eventually improve production.

Mobile Applications

These days, dairy farming apps are also available. These apps provide a service that will make farmers' life much more comfortable. They can provide critical, real-time data on milk collection. There are apps available for dairy farmers to sell milk and manage all of their data related to the dairy business. Apps also help in managing the business and finding if there are any loopholes.

Dairy technology is playing a vital role in the dairy business. Be it improving the production of milk or monitoring the herds, dairy farmers are doing great business with the aid of technology.

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