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5G: Changing the Future of Farming

Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, April 30, 2019

5G technology is revamping the agricultural sector. It is faster than 4G and can facilitate quicker connections between digital devices. The  5G data capability outshines the former networks, making it ideal for data transmission from remote servers to farm drones and machines.  5G is becoming the most primarily used agricultural technology (agtech) in the automation of the farming industry.

 For instance, Netherlands-based organizations are already employing 5G technology in the production of potatoes, and Oyster farms in Japan use 5G sensors to measure water temperature. Similarly, a farm in the UK successfully planted and harvested crops without human intervention using automated machines which sowed the seeds and picked the grains. Recently, the UK government-funded 5G RuralFirst, a local initiative to test a new farming app. The app connects with the 5G collars fastened on the cows to collect data such as their daily diet and sleep routine. The farmers keep track of this information and forward it to nutritionists and veterinarians. The app is designed to alert the farmers about the cows’ health issues or deviations from their daily routine.

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5G technology is tremendously favorable to agriculturists who find it challenging to monitor vast swathes of farmland. They can leverage automated machines to assess the composition of soil samples and identify the fertilizers needed to enrich the soil. Temperature sensors can be used to turn on the irrigation systems at the right time of the day.

To feed the ever-growing population in the world, food production needs to increase as well. To keep up with the rising demands, farmers need to procure large yield from limited acreage of farmland. Implementing 5G technology in automation of the agricultural sector is not only helping to promote sustainable farming but is also making it easier for farmers to obtain the maximum yield.

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