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By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, February 21, 2020

Can Biometric Kiosks Enhance Customer Experience?

Biometric-driven self-service kiosks deliver a better customer experience with higher security as the system is considered as an unfailing, user-friendly, and seamless process.

FREMONT, CA : The fast-moving and self-service world of today, the use of interactive kiosks has turned out to be an increasingly popular option. These days, kiosks have been leveraged more and more in multiple sectors, including the hospitality industry, which is one of the sectors that is implementing the self-service machines. The self-service tool helps in increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, reducing expenses, managing the crowd, and boosting operational performance.

Many technologies are designed to be user-friendly, out of which biometric has resulted as mainstream in public as well as commercial sectors. A biometric-driven kiosk is a self-service machine, which carries biometric functionalities like a fingerprint, face identification, and iris recognition to identify the users efficiently. 

Biometric-driven self-service kiosks provide better customer experience, along with higher security as the system is easy to use, dependable, fast, and flawless. By leveraging the innovative biometric-based technology in the self-service kiosks, the long customer/passenger queues can be cut down in multiple places like malls, airports, railway stations, restaurants, theatres, and hospitals while ticketing or dispensing. Several RFID providers are planning to come up with smart and elegant next-gen biometric-based self-service Kiosks all-around-the-world.

The biometric-build self-service kiosks are incredibly essential in workplaces as enterprises need to have a smooth HR operation that can help the employees with more seamless and faster human resources formalities. Furthermore, it assists nearly every vertical in a way that makes the whole system well-organized and streamlined with an infallible and reliable self-service system. Subsequently, the kiosk self-service machine performs many tasks with no time. The system offers ergonomic solutions to all domains since implementing a kiosk is not limited to a specific sector or industry.

Industries need to have a tool or machine that can work for the promotion of the self-service tasks, assuring them to be hassle-free, convenient, and timely service deliveries. A kiosk can be classified according to different necessities such as government kiosks, check-in kiosks, health care kiosks, virtual receptionist kiosks, casino kiosks, and many more. Built with state-of-the-art biometric technology, the kiosks that help in identifying an individual by determining their physiological traits such as the face, fingerprint, or iris images, are considered to be the most reliable, precise, and trustworthy biometric kiosk machines.