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How IoT is Redefining Fire Fighting

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, July 24, 2020

Fire mitigation and evacuation are emergency services of the society. However, fire poses several risks for the victims as well as the firefighters, but the new advances of IoT can efficiently reduce the concerning risk. 

Fremont, CA: Advanced technological solutions are changing firefighting today. From planning evacuation to rescuing victims, technology can aid it all. The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed firefighting by providing smarter and faster firefighting solutions. Whether a low power wide area or cellular networks, IoT builds a sturdy connection to improve and fasten the response times, evacuation operations, rescue time, and fire mitigation.

It is wise today to invest in the latest IoT tools in the fire department for building a seamless workflow for preventing and fighting the fire situation.

Let us take a look at some of the IoT-aided firefighting solutions.

Better protection for protectors

Fire accidents are one of the leading causes of property damages and civilian deaths. Even though fire training and mitigating equipment have become better over time, the risk of the protectors remains. Many times the protectors become victims of sudden, unexpected, and unknown circumstances during the operation, such as the number of people stuck inside the building, the exact building layout, number of exit and entry points, and so on. IoT solutions like connected cameras and different navigational tools can make it easy for the consultants or ground leaders to access the activities of the firefighters in real-time and forecast any alarming situation.

Top 10 Fire Protection Solution Companies - 2019Keeping track of team members

IoT technologies, through network linking, can be deployed at a fire site that can ensure on-time communication and data sharing. Safety devices, fire suits, and alarms with mounted IoT sensors, significantly aid firefighting operations. These help to improve notifying the risks, location determination of team members, and evaluation of the accident scene. The standard GPS trackers might not be functional within the enclosed building areas, which can hinder the normalcy of fire suppression operation. The new RFID trackers solve this problem by communicating through the linked networks. Locating every member efficiently, with the help of the connected cameras, and thereby mapping the response location, makes it convenient for the commander to implement a more accurate plan of action. Additionally, the tagged devices also help to keep tabs on the equipment.

Robots for firefighting

With more and more sophistication of technologies, IoT can bring in robotic scouts for fighting the accidents. The robots can act with faster response time, denote safe and risk zones, and locate the endangered victims. Furthermore, the robots can assist with oxygen supply to the firefighters and victims within the accident zone.

It is the firefighters who work to keep us safe around the year. So it is of utmost significance that this department determines the best-suited network solutions to value and safeguard their workers.

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