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How IoT Sensors Will Benefit the Farmers

By Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, June 08, 2020

Framers have started making use of technologies so that they can increase their production and profit.

FREMONT, CA: It is being predicted that the farming industry will become essential in the next few decades than ever before. The projects conducted by UN estimates that by 2025 the world population will reach 9.7 billion, thus increasing the global agricultural production by 69%. Therefore, to meet this increasing demand, the farmers and agricultural organizations have to adopt Internet of Things for analytics and to achieve better production abilities. 

Applying technological innovation is not a new concept in farming. Earlier handheld tools used to be the standard, but then the Industrial Revolution brought the idea of the cotton gin. Nowadays, it is IoT that has pushed the farmers further to achieve better farming, slowly and steadily, smart agriculture is also becoming popular between the farmers. High tech farming is also becoming the new standard due to drones and sensors. Here is how technology is improving the farming industry and helping the farmers to make a profit. 

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The farmers have already started utilizing high-tech farming methods and technologies so that they can improve the effectiveness of their everyday work. For instance, sensors that are located in fields let the farmers acquire a detailed map of the topography and the resources available in the area. The farmers will also get to know about the acidity and temperature of the soil. Furthermore, they will also have access to the forecast of the climate through which they can calculate the weather patterns for the coming days. 

The farmers can also utilize their smartphones so that they can monitor the crops, livestock, and equipment from their homes or anywhere else. With smartphones, the farmers will also have remote access to the stats of their livestock feeding and produce. 

Drones have also become a handy tool for the farmers as they can survey their entire land and even generate crop data. All these technologies are assisting the farmers in making accurate decisions about farming, leading to precision agriculture. Even the process of utilizing satellite imagery and several other techniques like sensors for observing and recording data will improve productivity while decreasing the cost and preserving the resources. 

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