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How is DOOH Revolutionizing Retail?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, January 20, 2020

How is DOOH Revolutionizing Retail?

With e-commerce and retail technologies expanding at an exponential rate, digital signage and interactive kiosks are exploring for greater opportunities as retail enablers.

FREMONT, CA: Retail is one of the leading industries that has incorporated kiosks. With the expanding retail technologies and e-commerce, interactive kiosks are exploring its additional applications like end-of-aisle fulfillment for omnichannel shopping.

Self-service kiosks are also very beneficial in retail strategies that integrate the benefits of both online and physical stores, also known as phygital.

The versatility of the kiosks makes it more exciting. With dominant consumer technologies like online and mobile order and pay, creating new customer habits and needs, kiosk’s new applications will continue to emerge.

These days, out-of-home 0digital (OOH) is promising significant changes in customer behavior. Currently, OOH is playing a crucial role in day-to-day commerce business. It has been predicted that OOH will be soon replacing television as the dominant media channel.

OOH, and mobile technology might get blended where the content provider holds the attention of the consumer for a restricted but crucial time span.

Location-based marketing is another emerging retail technology that brings the potential to push individual messages to customers according to their demographics and where they are physically present at a particular point of time. The technology empowers the marketers to engage with the customers at a point in time where their hands are holding their smartphone to make a purchase, and accelerate the customer’s possibility of making a purchase.

A majority of retailers who use kiosks and digital signage are poised for growth and opportunity.

The exceptional benefits of OOH

OOH messaging is more credible as compared to any other media since it enables the marketers to measure its impact by keeping track of customers’ mobile phones.

Besides, the opportunity for media revenue will also increase with the expansion of OOH networks.

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