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How RTLS Technology Helps Hospitals From Theft and Equipment Loss?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, July 08, 2020

RTLS is a system that can work independently as compared to the existing IT systems. Its long-term benefits can help reduce waste and theft, making it a cost-saving solution.

FREMONT, CA: In hospitals, the use of RTLS technology has a significant impact on the safety and security of staff and patients. It has the added benefit of streamlining everyday workflow and tracking essential assets to avoid misplacement, more seriously, theft.

The technology has been around and used by industries like manufacturing and transportation for the past years. Most of the healthcare facilities are yet to embrace the advances RTLS can bring. It can be from fear that implementation will disturb an already smooth-running system or the cost factor of having to set up beacons and tags through the organization. Top 10 NanoTech Solution Companies - 2020

Below given are some of the critical purposes of how RTLS aid in reducing crime in the hospital sector.

Enhanced Safety

Hospitals are a place where the emotions can run high, and the incidences of violence or elevated hostility and aggression are not entirely uncommon. Staffs need to feel safe and secure to do their jobs well. Patients and visitors should not be at risk of any harm from the unknown institutions during the event. RTLS aids to bolster the security within the premises. The system can be used by workers to alert the safety of the problem and location with a push of a button without drawing the attention of the criminals.

All Eyes on Assets

Just as CCTV shows the thieves and intruders, tracking devices on the valuable machinery or equipment can keep track of the most critical assets. The technology can also send alerts to the concerned people if an asset has left its permitted area of usage or the hospital premises. Any crucial equipment in the facility can be tagged for tracking, including those that are leased.

Patient Tracking and Theft

Patients can use this technology to alert staff to their needs. The tags can also help to locate patients who are likely to roam around unattended or get lost. Theft of personal possessions on the premises can also be limited as accountability is increased when the location of every member of staff is recorded on a timeline in the system.