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How Rugged Tech Shapes the Future of Connectivity

Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The rugged technology has become the protagonist in the new era of connectivity as it enables workers to benefit from its connectivity to streamline their day-to-day processes.

FREMONT, CA: As the evolution of the true mobile workforce grows, employers must meet the mobile workforce's same demands as they do for their office workers.  By not meeting the mobile employee's unique requirements, enterprises will sacrifice productivity, security, safety, and efficiency. This is where rugged devices come in, as they are not simple consumer products with protective cases. Unlike one-size-fits-all consumer products, rugged devices are purposefully built to meet industry-standard specifications that far exceed those applied to consumer-grade devices. With tough tech forming a key building block, businesses must consider how they will stand the test of time and adapt to a new connectivity era. Read on to know more. 

Top 10 Rugged Computing Solution Companies - 2020In the last few years, rugged devices have advanced to incorporate features that facilitate frontline communication. The majority of industry states that teamwork and communication improvement was a major advantage of rugged technology and employees enjoy being connected under every circumstance. This connectivity is allowed by features like push-to-talk functionality, which enables workers to use their device as a walkie-talkie without unlocking their device and navigate the call application. This functionality is valuable for first responders that need instant communication. 

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Businesses need quick and reliable data access. So, it is no surprise that rugged devices are rapidly gaining momentum. Enterprises know that their mobile workforce needs the same quick access to real-time data like office-bound colleagues. This allows for communication between departments, and as a result, it delivers faster delivery of products and services. They play a vital role in allowing connectivity at all times. Many rugged devices have the same processing power as a normal personal computer or laptop – at a compact size, making it a valuable tool. In warehouse and logistics, it is easier to manage inventories using these advanced devices. With the connectivity rugged devices offer, workers are untied to their desks and can carry out tasks anytime and anywhere.

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