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Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Incorporating a digital signature in a business can be a beneficial idea with multiple benefits and convenience that accompanies it.

FREMONT, CA: With the changing times, businesses also need to modify their operations to reach the bright heights of the market. One of the most remarkable decisions that an enterprise can make is to go paperless, which gives a fresh start as well as brings a conscious approach toward saving the environment. It is a time-consuming approach for a company to adopt it, but it is also the most effective way of conducting business operations. The initial step toward going paperless itself is a noble idea to start a business. 

Businesses will need digital signatures to implement the idea of having paperless operations. Digital or electronic signature solutions can help the companies to move ahead of the traditional method of using pen and paper for signing. Not just papers, digital signatures can save a lot of time and propose an improved way of business operations.

Digital signature:

Digital signatures are the digital form of data that can be utilized for signing purposes and keeping an electronic record of the papers with the same validity standards. It is an exceptional mark in an electronic form that evaluates as well as validates a document, in the similar paper-and-pen process. By implementing digital signatures, organizations have now successfully been in the leading positions, particularly in departments such as legal. There are times when people confuse between digital and e-signatures, as they miss the fact that digital signatures have cryptography as a feature.

Several reasons show that digital signatures are getting people’s attention and becoming the latest favorites for companies around the world. The advantages that come with digital signatures are plenty. Here's a list of some of them:

Simple and Handy:

Companies that have teams spread across different locations in the globe, or have clients from other countries know the significance and requirement of trouble-free partnerships. With the help of digital signatures, they can carry out remote signing and document authentication in a short span of time. The technology helps the person sitting halfway across the world to sign the documents within minutes or seconds without scanning or mailing the papers.

No Complexities During Signing:

Digital signatures are seamlessly performed without any complexities while signing the document. It keeps every step of the procedure, starting from uploading the material to sending them to relevant parties, all on a digital platform. Perhaps, it is considered to be more comfortable than holding a pen and signing the papers as it can be a quickly learned process.


As previously mentioned, digital signatures help the employees to work with a better state of mind due to the absence of abundant paperwork. When it comes to employees, many of them invest a lot of time and effort in managing the paperwork daily, which can be utilized better in productive works. The increase in paperwork can take more space to store them; moreover, it gets messier and confusing to find a document from the pile of papers.  

Unlike the traditional way, in digital signatures, the documents remain for an entire lifespan in a digital form. The documents can be created, signed, and stored online, which helps in carrying out the business deals without dealing with papers. Consumers today expect a flawless service experience, which can be done by leveraging modern technologies and encouraging people to move to phone and messaging, without any loss in the context.

Safe and Secured:

Paper documents are not as secure as it might seem as they are prone to get misplaced or lost or for that matter, destroyed due to various reasons. They have high potential of getting stolen or tampered with by strangers. In contrast, digital signatures offer a much higher security and safety pattern for the documents stored on the computers. They employ advanced security practices to send, receive, and save electronic documents. The technology not only facilitates document signing but also records crucial evidence associated with the signing transactions. With the help of digital signatures, companies can easily ensure the authenticity and reliability of the deals.


In a meeting, getting the document signed by each party can be a tiring process, and the amount of time taken can go up to hours and days. By using digital signatures, the whole process of signing can be done within a few seconds or minutes. There are chances when people who need to sign the document might be placed far away from each other. But with the help of the technology, they can team up and mark the document within a short time. Ultimately, the business gets to complete the agreement process in the time-saving process as well as in an ultra-modern method.

Faster Execution:

The implementation of rules and regulations in business generally takes time, since it has followed a long phase of decision making and approval. Besides, it is natural for any company to execute the rules over a long period after running checks on all the formalities and momentums. On the other hand, digital signatures are shorter processes that can lead to a lesser gap between declaration and implementation. It can escalate the time taken to settle on appropriate formalities and also bring better performance. 


The digital signature is a method of smart cost savings, which adds up profits to the business and helps in bringing cost-friendly business operations. A considerable amount of investments can be saved by eliminating the use of papers in processes like printing, couriering, and xerox.

Superior Client Expectations:

Happy clients are crucial to run a thriving business, and digital signatures can be a significant asset to deliver higher client satisfaction. With the help of it, companies can provide the customers with an option to sign a document anywhere and use mobile devices to do so. The process of signing with the technology is a smoother and streamlined method, which impresses the customers and gives them a superior experience.

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